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Nordic Skin Klinik

At Nordic Skin Klinik, we offer a number of different Aesthetic treatments for you who want to take a step into the aesthetic world. We cover you with the latest knowledge and research in theory. Then you get the opportunity to train on about 2 live models / course and we will help you from A to Z when starting your own clinic! In addition to our educations, Specialist Doctor Alex offers to become your responsible doctor to be able to order medicines after completing the course. It is also possible to choose Alex as your responsible doctor if you have taken a course outside the Nordic Skin Academy. With us, we train doctors, dentists and nurses in injection treatments. For our other courses, everyone over the age of 18 is welcome to study. Applies to Laser, Skinpen / Microneedling, Microtox and more. We look forward to having you here with us, the team at Nordic Skin Klinik.

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